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Welcome to the Office

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Schedule Your Appointment Today

We know your time is valuable.  So, at Dental Care by Gretchen Kinchen, we try to make the scheduling process simple!  You can request an appointment here (link to email).  We can also be reached viaphone or  text at 859-296-0296.

Remember, if you aren’t able to make your appointment, let us know as soon as you can!

Dental Boutique with a dose of Southern Charm

At Dental Care by Gretchen Kinchen we believe that your dental experience is most affected by your level of comfort. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer:

  • Digital X-Ray
  • Digital photography
  • Intra-oral cameras
  • Massage chairs to make your cleanings more comfortable
  • Ultrasonic scaler for advanced gum therapy
  • Coming Soon: Digital Scanning and same-day dental crowns

Universal Precautions Followed

Here at Dental Care by Gretchen, we have always and will continue to follow universal precautions for your protections. We are confident these guidelines will help create a safe environment for all of our patients and team members. We are doing everything in our power to provide the safest clinical conditions in order to protect  our patients, our team and our families. 

If you would like to know more about our precautions, click the safety measure below to review what it includes.

Sanitization Techniques

Our team has had training in proper hand washing and sanitizing techniques (before and after patient contact, contact with potentially infectious material, before putting on and after removing PPE).

We frequently wipe down door handles, tables, light switches, computers, etc.

Team members will strictly follow basic control practice between patients, including the OSHA standard “spray, wipe, spray” technique (totaling more than 10 minutes).

We will change our gowns if they become soiled, removing and discarding the gown into a dedicated area for soiled linen.

All non-disposable medical equipment used for patient care will be cleaned and disinfected according to manufacturer’s instructions.


We are prioritizing high risk patients (immune compromise, over 60, etc.) with early morning appointments.

We are encouraging patients to wait in their car or outside the office where they can be contacted by text/phone call when it is their time to be treated.

We are posing visual alerts (signs and posters) at the entrance door advising patients of the Covid-19 risk and advising them not to enter the facility when ill.

Patients will be escorted into an examination room immediately upon entering the office.

Patients will be asked to rinse and gargle with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide for 30-60 seconds before each appointment.

Limit movement of patients outside of operators.

Team & Office Standards

HEPA air purification/filtration systems with UV light are available throughout the office and treatment operatories.

We place great attention to detail, ensuring that we are consistently and correctly following standard and transmission-based precautions in our operatories.

Team members will wear PPE (N95 or KN95 masks, gloves, eye protection, face shield and gown).

We will put on clean gloves upon entry into the patient room.

No unnecessary team members will be in the operatories.

Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings

High evacuation action technology to safely remove silver fillings.

Don’t Let Finances Get in the Way

At Dental Care by Gretchen Kinchen, we want to make your dental care financially comfortable! We accept most traditional insurances, but if you have questions about your plan,  please contact our office to verify we are in network.

In addition, we offer an in office Smile Savings Plan, designed specifically for people who don’t have dental insurance.

Please see our Financial Coordinator for more details.

Managing the Cost of your Treatment

We make every effort to make your treatment plan work for you.  We accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover for payment at the time of service. In addition, we offer a dental payment plan through Care Credit.

We work diligently to help you maximize your dental benefits. We accept most dental insurance and file claims electronically for our patients. 

If you would like to discuss financial arrangements with our Financial Coordinator prior to your treatment, please call 859-296-0296.